One month old

I wanted this blog to be perfect before I published. I have plans for how I want this blog to look and for what purpose it will serve. But I am learning that perfection is not possible. And I always knew that but for some reason I forgot that when I had a baby. And now is not the time to forget that lesson. Now is the time to accept and thrive on mediocrity. Now is the time for sweatpants, stains on your shirt, frizzy hair. But for the past month I have been striving to be the perfect mom and the perfect wife and I wanted to start the perfect blog.

I almost wrote that I was trying to be the perfect daughter, but I’ve been a little rude to my mom. She understands though. I haven’t had much sleep and have had a slightly traumatic postpartum period.

Madeleine’s birth wasn’t traumatic. Everything after was. I probably won’t blog about that too much because it’s very personal, and I have a lot to do to work on that trauma.

Anyway…thanks for reading this far. I have a lot to post. For those of you keeping up with me on FB and Instagram, the first few posts will be redundant. But stick around because I have some fresh material coming soon.

Or don’t stick around. I’m a new mom and no longer care what people think online. I don’t care about a lot of things that used to matter to me. Which doesn’t mean I don’t care about anything but my priorities have shifted.

Ok. I’m going to hit publish. But it’s not going to look good. But as soon as I hit publish I will start perfecting my blog.

Just because I know I can’t be perfect doesn’t mean I won’t try to get somewhere close to it.


So after I published this, I realized I forgot to explain the title of this blog post.  My daughter, Madeleine Melissa, is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY!!!  How did that happen?!  I just gave birth yesterday.  And at the same time, every day feels like it lasts a week because so much happens every single day.  Anyway…I wanted to publish this blog on her one month birthday.  It just seemed fitting.  So Happy Birthday, Dear Madeleine.  I love you so much.  I’ll try not to embarrass you too much on this blog.  But you’re a baby now, so you don’t really have that many opinions.  But man, you’ve got a good arm.  Stop punching mommy!!

Also, I’ll explain the name of this blog eventually, but here’s a cute logo I designed 5 minutes ago.

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