Head & Heart Reset: Yoga with Adriene

I’ve missed yoga the past couple of days. It’s ok, but I prefer to do at least ten minutes because I’m doing yoga in the place of my physical therapy stretches. But I feel so much better now.

I tell anyone who will listen about Yoga with Adriene. I’ve been doing her videos for about four years and she feels like a good friend. I actually planned a trip to Austin with my husband and I was going to attend one of her yoga classes, but my first trimester morning sickness and depression got in the way of those plans.

Anyway, YWA is free on youtube and she has all kinds of videos for all levels of yogis and for whatever mood you are in.

Today’s video: Head & Heart Reset

Today’s video was perfect. I did it at 5:30ak because I knew if it didn’t do it first thing, I wouldn’t do it at all. Madeleine is wide awake as I am writing this, and she watched me do my yoga from her swing. She’s a good yoga buddy. I hope one day we will do yoga together. I teach yoga at the preschool where I work and it’s just so fun.

This is the view from my yoga mat when I do yoga with Madeleine in the nursery. Note the dirty diaper on top of the cubbies. I guess I’ll get that now.


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